How to Tell Your Family You’re in the Cannabis Industry

By Chris Sayegh

How to Tell Your Family You’re in the Cannabis Industry

A lot is changing in the world right now, let alone in the United States. For some people, it can be overwhelming to try and grasp onto all the new information being put out daily. It creates a sense of fear and protectiveness to cling to the things they already know and not let new information in. Change is scary—we get it.  

It’s one situation to tell your peers that you are starting a cannabis-based company, but it is another situation entirely to tell your elders who grew up in an age of misinformation and brainwashing by anti-cannabis crusaders. My peers, for instance, loved the idea, and even wanted to take part in it. My family and elders, however, thought I was embodying the pot smoking Antichrist himself. I can’t blame them for thinking that as they’ve been gorging on prohibitionist propaganda for most of their lives. It is tough to argue with people who have watched and read propaganda-inspired news for years. If you ask them, they think they know absolutely everything about anything.

So how do people tell their families they work with cannabis? One might say you should bring them peer-reviewed articles, medical studies, testimonials and wholesome information because that will clearly change their mind. This is a respectable approach to educating your elders, no doubt. But if you have a family that is anything like mine, traditional and old school, then you know they will shit all over this beautiful display of educational material. What do all these scientists, doctors and patients know, anyways? What truly spoke to my family was, unfortunately, money. When I was able to monetize my ideas was the day my family started to change their perception of cannabis. So my advice on how to have a productive conversation with your family about working with cannabis is to show them your business plan, QuickBooks, invoices, order sheets, recipes, clients, etc. Show them your business and then ease in there that you work with cannabis. No one can argue with numbers, even the ultra-conservative right wing thinkers suckling at the teet of whoever will tell them what they want to hear.

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