GET Cards Against Humanity Weed Pack

August 5, 2017

If the enduring popularity of Cards Against Humanity (the card game that’s not really a card game at all) says anything, it’s that the more vulgar and politically incorrect the conversation, the more fun there is to be had by all involved. Initially released in 2011, it’s like a dirty-minded Mad Libs, self-described as the party game for horrible people. That’s, of course, an ironic slogan because we’re all horrible—and that’s perfectly alright.

The Weed Pack features 30 fresh cards “about weed” created to boost your original deck, and it’s only five dollars, the profits of which go to the Marijuana Policy Project (an organization interested in changing state law to eliminate penalties for using cannabis and getting it regulated and taxed in a similar way to alcohol). More than $80k has been donated so far. Or you could feasibly buy a few packs and play a strictly cannabis-themed game. It does, however, come with a stern warning: “This product does not contain any actual marijuana. We smoked it all.” Sad. So bring your own stash because what’s the point of playing a cannabis-themed game if you’re not actually high? That’s just stupid.

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