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SSN Spotlight | Learn about Pure Vape

James Beard Award-winning chef and organic-food advocate Alice Waters famously stated, "Let things taste the way they are." As with food, a passion for purity helps produce the highest-quality cannabis, and Pure Vape—an industry leader in all-natural cannabis oil—lives up to its name with a pesticide- and solvent-free line of premium products. The Southern California-based company specializes in award-winning, lab-tested, strain-specific oil cartridges and wax made with state-of-the-art CO2 technology. The wax comes in tasty flavors like bourbon, strawberry, mint and blackberry, while the oils feature beloved strains like Blue Dream, Girl Scout Cookie, King Kush and Jack Herer, among others. When made purely with the finest ingredients, cannabis oil can never taste better than just the way it is.

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