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John C. Reilly x Tim Meadows - Dewey Cox Smoking Reefers

One of the world’s most compelling cannabis PSAs of our generation features (fictional) music legend Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly), the titular character in 2007’s Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story. In this clip, Dewey is talked out of (and inadvertently talked into) smoking reefer. Ironically, his friend (played by Tim Meadows) praises cannabis while telling Dewey he shouldn't try it, which was ultimately about as effective as actual drug PSAs: Dewey naturally smokes out. The movie, however, doesn’t dispel classic gateway drug myths as (spoilers) Dewey eventually drops acid with The Beatles, tries PCP and invents punk music after a coke bender.

Photo credit: Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story.

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