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KRS-One - “I Can’t Wake Up (I’m a Blunt)”

By David Jenison

In 2016, Netflix premiered the series The Get Down about the rise of hip-hop in the South Bronx. The lone season focused on the late 1970s, but if the series had continued into the late ʼ80s, the storyline will certainly include Boogie Down Productions and its breakout rapper, KRS-One. The rapper born Lawrence Parker epitomized politically active and socially conscious hip-hop, and he even launched the Stop the Violence Movement in 1989, which released the all-star “Self Destruction” single and new versions like “Self Construction” in later years. The rapper eventually went solo, and his critically acclaimed debut, 1993’s Return of the Boom Bap, is considered a classic. The album famously addresses law enforcement issues with "Sound of Da Police," but KRS-One also tackled cannabis on “I Can’t Wake Up” with fun references to several old school rappers and Bill Clinton.


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