RE/MX: High Fidelity

Kygo - "Sunrise"

In the week leading up to the release of Kids in Love (November 3), Kygo released a new single every day, including this Jason Walker-sung track that shows plenty of love for sunsets and getting high. 

Lily Allen (Feat. Giggs) - "Trigger Bang"

MORTEN - "Ride Around"

Tom Petty - "Mary Jane's Last Dance"

1977: "Jet Boy, Jet Girl" Is Queer as Punk

Sippin' On Hip Hop

Premiere: Bumpin Uglies (feat. Gary Dread) - "Budtender"

deadmau5 MasterClass Remix

A Die Hard Christmas

Hot Ones Hot Sauce Hot Mix

Sassy Trump Remix

Gordon Ramsay Get My Chives Out Remix

Zombies Attack!

Wonder Woman Remix

Baby Driver Remix

Lord of the Rings SFX Remix