Cannabis Brand Wonderbrett to Host Party at Bella Thorne’s Mansion

By Charlie Tetiyevsky on March 11, 2019

Actor, model, musician, music video director and master of multi-hyphenates Bella Thorne is providing the house for a major cannabis event this Saturday, March 9. The Go Green Mansion Party, as part of an event series from host Milk & Cookies, is an invite-only event that will feature a full slate of influencers, musicians, actors and cannabis industry professionals, including beloved Hollywood cannabis grower Wonderbrett.

Known only by his first name, master grower Brett has been a mainstay in the California cannabis circuit since the mid-'90s when he first grew a strain of the original OG Kush. Legend has it that it’s Brett’s OG Kush that was in the studio when Dr. Dre recorded the now-classic 2001, and the rest is history. Brett has continued to make a name for himself on the recreational and medical growing circuit with his brand Wonderbrett, a small-batch Californian grower known for its creative strains bearing transparent heritage lineage. In 2016, Wonderbrett continued its foothold on musical cannabis history by teaming up with Sublime with Rome to create the strain Orange Dynamite Stick in a year-long collaboration.

"Creating authentic and relevant experiences surrounding the 'lifestyle' is an extremely important aspect of the brand and is deeply rooted in our DNA, and we are excited for things to kick off,” said Matt Costa, CEO at Wonderbrett. “Wonderbrett has a background in producing some amazing events such as unique farm-to-table pairing dinners, music events and art shows. Integrating live art and other interactive components should elevate the experience for our guests. We are trying to transcend the ordinary into the extraordinary.” 

Aficionados covet Wonderbrett strains for their strength and attention to flavor profiles, both of which will be showcased at the party this weekend alongside other traditional cannabis products and infused food.  

“Wonderbrett’s products just became [recreationally] legal in October of last year and for Milk & Cookies, [this marks] a debut event," Costa continues. "We're looking forward to bringing a large network of influencers, musicians and industry professionals all under one roof to enjoy a unique and ultra-premium cannabis experience."

In addition to music and DJ performances, the party will showcase live art by HighSun, Jerry Luizza and Mod Sun. The post-hardcore musician-turned-rapper Mod Sun recently embarked on his own collaboration in the cannabis scene, gearing up to release a fully stocked smoker’s box in partnership with Your Hippie Butler and Roor. 

Partygoers will have access to products from brands like cannabis gummy mainstay Kushy Punch and hip vegan CBD gummy-maker not pot, for those who prefer an intoxicant-free chill. Delivery service Nugg Club and the crew from the most iridescent dispensary in Hollywood, Herbarium, will also be on hand. Tobacco-free blunt alternatives will be available from Lobo Cannagar, which makes artistic, hand-rolled cannabis cigars using cured fan leave, while Lift Tickets will provide partiers with yet another wrapping alternative to tobacco that’ll still result in a strong pre-roll: medicated papers.

Stay tuned for more exclusive news about the event as well as a behind-the-scenes tour of Wonderbrett’s new 180,000 square foot facility.

Wonderbrett video teaser with music by Brett and Cool Roy:

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