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Lagunitas Launches New IPA with Cannabis Terps

"We’ve long known about the close connection between cannabis and hops," reads the Lagunitas Brewing Company website. "Now Lagunitas is excited to partner with a like-minded neighbor in Sonoma County, AbsoluteXtracts, to close the gap further with tandem innovations on the topic." 

The two Northern Californian companies partnered on SuperCritical, a limited-edition IPA made with cannabis terpenes. Beer is brewed with hops, which, like cannabis, belongs to the Cannabaceae plant family and contains terpenes. SuperCritical adds a cannabis-terpene blend of Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies strains provided by AbsoluteXtracts. The cannabis company produces vape cartridges, soft gels, applicators, premium flower and honey straws, and corresponding with the beer release, AbsoluteXtracts released SuperCritical vape cartridges with cannabis oil and Lagunitas' hops blends. 

Launched in Marin County in 1993, Lagunitas has long embraced cannabis culture with brews like the Waldos' Special Ale from its OneHitter series and the past-use of 420 on labels and advertisements. The brewery even released an Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale to commemorate a short-lived suspension in 2005 after an undercover agent witnessed an employee roll a joint at a company party. Lagunitas has been fully owned by Dutch brewer Heineken since May 2017. 

SuperCritical is exclusively available in California at just over 50 brewhouses, restaurants and stores. Lagunitas only produced 120 kegs, but if the experiment goes well, expect more SuperCritical (or similar terpene-infused beers) to follow. 

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