Laser Vapes Are Apparently Coming Soon

By Janelle Lassalle on April 1, 2019

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: The cannabis industry is the new Wild Wild West. Everybody worth their salt is scrounging up whatever cash they can get their hands on to invest in the jolly green herb.

One of the great perks that comes with a mad dash for cash is innovation. We, the people, get to sit and watch as brands experiment. New products and extraction techniques emerge on an almost daily basis—an unrivaled luxury our overseas friends can only dream of. We get to test out new gadgets every day.

The rush that comes with playing with a really cool toy is a universal feeling, which is probably why I couldn’t help but get excited when I came across this patent for a laser vape pen. Cannabis + lasers? Sign me up!

That’s right, ladies and gents, someday in the near future you can hope to have your very own cannabis laser vape pen, but what exactly does that mean? Is a laser vape pen something I want?

I’m glad you asked.

Let’s briefly step back to what it means to vape. The act of vaporizing is to heat cannabis to a point of combustion without burning. This means there are no red hot flames gobbling up all of your juicy terpenes and cannabinoids, thus preserving the integrity of your cannabis. Many also find this to be a more gentle way to ingest cannabis.

Your average vape pen is composed of a button, a battery, an atomizer, a tank/chamber and a mouthpiece. Hitting the inhale button signals the battery to activate the atomizer that begins heating up the cannabis in the chamber. Voila! You now have vapor.

This setup can be tricky. Poorly made vape pens are subject to a wide range of problems from overheating to exploding batteries, which means if they are cheaply made, you may wind up replacing your batteries every few months at best.

A laser vape pen, however, takes some of the difficulty out of the equation. The laser allows you to achieve precise heat control that just isn’t possible with a cheaper model.

This proposed handheld laser vape pen is all about precision, baby. Compatible with both concentrates and flower, it’s composed of a mouthpiece and two chambers, including a laser unit and a ceramic reaction chamber to load your materials into. The laser is focused through a single-element lens towards the reaction chamber.

The design also incorporates a pre-programmed regulator that distributes the power based on various plant-based vaporization points. This means the unit has incorporated the optimal vaporizing temperature of your starting material as a built-in setting. Using the gentlest temperature setting preserves volatile compounds like terpenes that burn off at low temperatures. You’ll also be able to adjust your laser to allow for a wide dispersal or focused beam, which is officially the most ludicrous vape mode I’ve ever heard of. The unit also utilizes a layer of heat diffusing material between the laser and vaporization unit housing to enhance heat dispersion.

Certain modifications, including the decision to keep the vapor tube away from the batteries, minimize the potential for inhaling any toxic vapor that may be emitted by the batteries. A series of automatic shut off controls, including a laser refractory period, ensure there’s no excessive heat buildup. Strategically placed thermally conductive materials located in the reaction cartridge further increase the energy efficiency of the vaporization process. It’s a well-designed dream to be sure.

The only question left to ask is obviously when can I get my hands on one?

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