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The Genesis of Cannabis

The Scythians

The Horse and Wheel

Secrets from the Grave

Cannabis in the Christmas Cave

Ancient Egypt: Cannabis Culture Through the Ages

Central Asia: Cannabis Culture Through the Ages

Ancient China: Cannabis Culture Through the Ages

Ancient India: Cannabis Culture Through the Ages

Western Europe: Cannabis Culture Through the Ages

The Hashish Eaters Club

The French Army Gets High in Egypt

The Origin of the Hashish Eaters

Hashish Eaters Club Members

What Exactly Did the Hashish Eaters Eat?

The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906

The Muckrakers!

Wacky Wiley

The Start of Cannabis Prohibition

Harry Anslinger: The Godfather of Cannabis Prohibition

Anti-Cannabis Propaganda

The Anslinger Gore Files

Was Harry Anslinger a Racist?

The 80-Year Anniversary of Harry Anslinger's Huge Lie to Congress

Harry Anslinger’s Cannabis Prohibition

The Origin of "Marijuana"

Is the Term "Marijuana" Racist?

Hooked on Euphonics

The "Marihuana" Adoption

The Prohibitionist "Prisoner" Theory

Marijuana: What's In a Name?

Richard Nixon's Drug War Turns 48

Prohibition’s Racist Roots

Nixon vs. Lennon

Nixon vs. Shafer Commission

35 Years Ago This Report Made Nixon Furious

More Proof that Nixon Was a Total Dick

Myth Busting: 420 Edition

Debunked 420 Myths

420 in Popular Culture

Where's Waldo?