Legal Joints Coming to Swiss Supermarkets

By David Jenison on July 14, 2017

Heimat, an independent cigarette maker in Switzerland, now makes hemp cigarettes that will go on sale July 24 in Coop, one of the nation's leading supermarket chains. 

Switzerland decriminalized cannabis in 2012, and several cities proposed opening cannabis clubs in 2016 even though the plant is still prohibited. In 2011, however, the country did legalize cannabis that contains less than one percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is five times the limit set in many other European nations. The legal joints will contain one percent THC, so people won't get high, but most products will contain high levels (up to 20 percent) of cannabidiol (CBD). 

Per a Swiss news site, "CBD cannabis stores are cropping up across Switzerland, from Geneva to St Gallen…. Switzerland is in the midst of a CBD cannabis boom." 

The joints are already on sale in some Coop markets, and a spokesperson for Coop told a local paper that hemp products are always in high demand. A leading prohibitionist tasked with national anti-drug efforts slammed the move, saying there's no proof CBD has any medical benefits. Idiots aside, Heimat characterized the new line as the country's first legal cannabis cigarettes, though customers are advised not to take them outside Switzerland as they might exceed other countries' THC limits. 

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