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Lil Pump Feat. Charlie Sheen - "Drug Addicts"

How many things rhyme with Tiger Blood?

After a month of hype, 17-year old rapper Lil Pump has finally released “Drug Addicts,” a collaboration with actor and fellow party animal Charlie Sheen. It’s an energetic, irreverent drug sesh—the duo makes rounds in an insane asylum while downing bottles and bottles of lean, performing surgery under the influence and eating cereal bowls of Xanax.

The video does, however, raise a few concerns. Pump (born Gazzy Garcia) is still a minor with a history of on-again/off-again struggles with maintaining sobriety, and the adults in the video aren't exactly helping out. Then again, we're talking about Charlie Sheen here, and the rest of the adults might just be mesmerized by lines like, “I been smokin' since I was eleven, I been poppin' pills since I was seven” and “Imma show you how to live life, take a lot of drugs, don't think twice.”

The biggest travesty of all though? There’s no Charlie Sheen verse.

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