Make 70 Grand a Year Right Outta College

December 2, 2017

The University of Northern Michigan now offers a cannabis degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry, and a professor told CNBC that this degree "could lead to a position that pays $70,000 right out of school." 

So cannabis legalization isn't just creating jobs, it's creating high-paying jobs!

The university avoided using the word "cannabis," which sucks for students who want to put cannabis studies on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, but it's worth noting that this is a serious degree with a difficult curriculum. Required courses include general chemistry, organic chemistry, medicinal plant chemistry, quantitative analysis, gas and liquid chromatology, plant physiology and soils, among others. Students can also pick between entrepreneur and bio-analytical tracks that include classes like accounting, marketing, genetics and the GPA-busting atomic spectrometry. 

As cannabis legalization continues to sweep the nation, both businesses and regulators will need employees who are highly skilled in cannabis. New Frontier Data estimates that the industry will employ 300,000 people by 2020, and CNN/Money article noted that extractors and growers can make six-figures, including some earning north of $200,000. 

In other words, UNM graduates might start at $70,000 per year, but expect to see that salary go up quickly. 

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