Making CBD According to the Cycles of the Moon

By Andrew Ward on August 14, 2018

Cultivating crops based around the cycles of the moon is a practice that dates back to the early ages of farming. Apparently cultivating cannabidiol (CBD) this way is no exception, and the process is now in the early stages of being patented. 

Filed by Christine "Kate" Meeusen of Sisters of the Valley fame, this patent application provides a method to cultivate CBD based on moon cycles and the "plurality of biodynamic rituals." Using the moon and zodiac signs, the process can purportedly determine when to plant seeds, how to water, fertilize, cut and pinpoint harvest times to produce healthier plants with higher yields and improved CBD content. The process includes a first day of the moon cycle blessing, followed by biodynamic rituals, the burning of sage and incantation communication amongst other possible rituals. Meeusen goes on to note that the application is meant to cover all the modifications, equivalents and alternatives that could arise within the spirit and scope of the application. 

While not everyone believes in the zodiac and the effects moon cycles have on us, plant cultivation remains in tune with the Earth and what surrounds it. With cannabis technology constantly one upping itself, the patenting of an age-old concept may show that there is still room for the tried and true methods in a rapidly advancing space. Then again, do we need to be patenting age old processes? In this evolving market, the answer appears to be yes. 

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