Marijuana Strains: The Most Popular Types

Marijuana Strains: The Most Popular Types

While most people are familiar with cannabis to a general degree, most do not realize that there are more than 700 different strains of cannabis on the planet. Of these, a few dozen are considered the most popular. Popularity is typically dependent on potency, availability, effects and cost, although novelty also counts for certain strains. Buyers are also interested in disease symptoms the strains can potentially treat and the ease of growing each different strain.

Super Silver Haze

Immediate effects make Super Silver Haze one of the most popular types of strains. The award-winning sativa gets its name from its silver tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) glands, which give the strain at THC content of 21 percent. It was developed by combining several different types of cannabis, including Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights, and can help combat symptoms of migraines and depression, making it a staple among medical marijuana dispensaries. Super Silver Haze is known to carry different aromas depending on strain phenotypes, but its flavor is usually earthy with undertones of fruity skunk taste.

Royal Caramel

The names of cannabis strains often reflect their flavors, and royal caramel is no exception. It carries a sweet, caramel-like scent with an earthier flavor. The mellow strain was invented in Spain by combining the strains of White Rhino, BlueBlack and Maple Leaf Indica. Once the plant flowers, it is ready for harvest in eight to nine weeks, typically in September. The hybrid has a composition of 10 percent sativa and 90 percent Indica. Medical Marijuana Strain reviewers provide this strain with an A+ rating. The potent strain is known to alleviate stress and stimulate the appetite, making it popular for use among individuals suffering from cancer and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


The name of this award-winning strain comes from the firearm of the same name for two reasons: its long-lasting potency and its THC content, which is more than 20 percent. The plant is a hybrid, and although it is mostly sativa, it does provide a combination effect of sativa and indica. When grown outdoors, the strain is harvested in mid to late October. AK-47 is often utilized in creating new hybrids. Although easy to grow, the plant’s strong odor makes it less popular for growing in heavily populated neighborhoods.

Pinpointing the most popular strains can be problematic since sales are often untracked due to illegal activity. Since growers name their own strains while sometimes sharing or selling them, it is also possible for some overlap to occur. As the drug continues to gain legal status across the board, doctors and dispensaries will be able to track it more accurately to determine which exact strains sell the most in any given area and why.

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