RE/MX: High Fidelity

Matt Maeson - "Hallucinogenics"

Drop something into your eyes and face your demons with the new indie-ballad pop-bop by Matt Maeson. About his inspiration for the song, Maeson says, “I’d worked very hard to get my life back on track after years of bad decisions at that point… I was so drained, and after everyone went home, I stayed in Seattle to unwind…. One of the nights I just kind of broke and made a lot of decisions that I regret.” Did one of those decisions involve a shitload of acid tabs? 

MGMT - “When You Die”

Bomba Estéreo - "Amar Así"

Melody's Echo Chamber - "Cross My Heart"

LSD - "Genius"

Faulkner - "I'm Stoned"

Netherfriends feat. Blake Rules - "Swish"

Jhené Aiko and Rae Sremmurd - "Sativa (Remix)"

With the Bass

Johnathan Rice - "Acapulco Gold"

Nicki Minaj - "Ganja Burn"

RAY BLK - "Run Run"

The 1975 - "Chocolate"

K Camp - "Good Weed Bad Bitch"

Point.Blank - "Smoke Marijuana"

Lil Pump Feat. Charlie Sheen - "Drug Addicts"