Modern Grower

Modern Grower Canada | Seed to Sale with CannTrust

See cannabis go from seed to nug in this episode of Modern Grower Canada. Host Sarah Hanlon heads to the Niagara region to take a closer look at how a wine-growing culture has made room for a new cannabis country with a visit to licensed producer CannTrust

Grower Brady shows an excitable Sarah around a dozen wintery greenhouses, where roughly 300 people grows cannabis with the aid of an all-natural pest-fighting ladybug army. Sarah coos over cuttings in the propagation room with CannTrust grower Nick, who demonstrates how cannabis plants establish root systems before making their way into the facility’s vegetative grow-op (which holds 10,000 plants). Next up is the flower room, where Alex shows CannTrust’s 52,000-square-foot canopy of multicolored flowering buds before moving on to the trimming room, where the grower processes a metric ton of cannabis a day with the help of industrial machines. 

The QA process rounds out the harvest, followed by drying and curing—necessary steps for sealing in smell and flavor. Sarah even takes a look at what the finished buds are made into—everything from jarred 1/8ths to cannabis brewing pods. 

“Seeing the process from start to finish,” said Sarah, “I learned a ton!”

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