Most Lit Cannabis Song Per Year in the 2000s

By David Jenison on October 24, 2018

During the Obama era, cannabis themes infused all music genres, but hip-hop ran the ganja game in the decade before and after Y2K. A few outliers made the list in the 2000s, notably Weezer and Adam Brown, but the sounds of decade mostly came from hip-hop artists who carried the torch and helped tear down the stigma. As noted on the 2010s list, PRØHBTD purposely avoided terms like "best" and "biggest" since the selection process emphasized criteria like breakthroughs, mainstream reach, influence and underground gems. All that said, vape some Heavy Hitters oil and set your Beats headphones on fire with these 21st-century classics. 

2009  Eminem - "Must Be the Ganja"

Eminem did a track praising cannabis. Sure, it wasn't a single, and he put it on the so-so Relapse, but an Em-rapped, Dr. Dre-produced cannabis anthem is the most-lit song in most any year, even one that saw Kid Cudi and Chip tha Ripper drop "Hyyerr." 

2008  Adam Brown - "Marijuana"

Who is Adam (A.B.) Brown? We have no fuckin' idea, except that he was an LA-based producer in the '00s who published music under Atomz Muzik. It appears he never broke big, but this cannabis anthem from Music Love Magic got traction online and deserves a much larger audience. This might be the best cannabis-themed song you didn't already know. 

2007  Styles P and Swizz Beatz - "Blow Ya Mind"

In 2002, rapper Styles P and producer Swizz Beatz collaborated on the cannabis anthem "Good Times." Five years later, the duo reunited for the sequel, "Blow Ya Mind," which begins, "I wanna roll something up so I can just blow my mind." 

2006  Ice Cube - "Smoke Some Weed"

During the G.W. years, Ice Cube got straight outta Compton and right into Hollywood. After spending six years making movies like Friday After Next, Barbershop and xXx: State of the Union, Cube got back on the rap wagon with Laugh Now, Cry Later. His so-called comeback album featured his biggest cannabis anthem ever, "Smoke Some Weed." Ice Cube easily took 2006, but Birdman and Lil Wayne's "Cali Dro" and Band of Horses' "Weed Party" both deserve mentions. 

2005  R. Kelly - "Sex Weed"

In this smooth R&B love song, R. Kelly gives a girl the highest praise by comparing her to cannabis. The hilarious lyrics include, "Yo sex make me feelin' this way like I've been smoking Purple Haze," "The way you movin' that kush real slow," "Sex so good that it gets me high," "Just one look at you I've got contact," "Since that first pull, I got this habit" and "Your shit is the chronic 'cause I can tell by the way you roll it up, make a playa want to smoke it up." It actually sounds less pervy when he sings it. 

2004  Kanye West, Talib Kweli and Common - "Get Em High" 

Kanye West's Grammy-winning debut, The College Dropout, turned Jay Z's producer into a full-fledged star with five radio hits. "Get Em High" was not one of them, but the album's overall success took this cannabis anthem to millions of ears. Ludacris and Sleepy Brown also deserve credit for "Blueberry Yum Yum." 

2003  Missy Elliott - "Pass That Dutch"

The Timbaland and Elliott-produced track is all over the place in the verses, but the oft-repeated chorus is all about sharing the blunt. "Pass That Dutch" deserves added lit-ness for being one of the biggest female-led cannabis hits ever. Missy tops such formidable tracks as "High All the Time" by 50 Cent and "America's Most Blunted" by Madvillain (MF DOOM and Madlib). 

2002  People Under the Stairs - "Acid Raindrops"

This west coast rap crew offers up what could be the first medical marijuana anthem. Many would argue that two other songs should top it—namely "Good Times (I Get High)" by Styles P and Swizz Beatz and "Gangsta Lean" by the Pharrell-affiliated Clipse—but "Acid Raindrops" offers more meaningful lyrics over a pure hip-hop beat. 

2001  Weezer - "Hash Pipe"

"Hash Pipe," recorded during the same sessions as "Dope Nose," scored bonus points for taking hash and cannabis to alt-rock radio. "Peer Pressure," in which De La Soul and B-Real exchange weed banter over a J Dilla-produced track, was a close runner up. 

2000  Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

Less than two years before his death, Eazy-E signed this Cleveland-based rap group to Ruthless Records, and Bone Thugs-n-Harmony broke big in 1995, topping the Billboard 200 with its sophomore release. The group still had its platinum-selling momentum when it released "Weed Song," a soulful track that praises the benefits of cannabis. 

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