MSTRKRFT Explains Cannabis Legalization in Canada

June 21, 2017

MSTRKRFT, the Canadian duo behind such iconic electronic albums like Fist of God and Operator, welcome their country's move to legalize cannabis. What do Jesse Keeler and Al-P expect? While puffing on a vape pen, Keeler explains.

Jesse Keeler: I'll explain this for Americans so they have a better sense of what Canadian legalization means. When America had [alcohol] prohibition, Canada didn't have prohibition, but our government took that opportunity to take over all alcohol sales. That was their compromise for not having prohibition. You can still drink, but we're going to sell the alcohol. So when the government in Canada says they want to legalize weed, what they're really saying is we want to take over doing that. We will end up having government-issued weed, and it will be incredibly overpriced, and the quality will be down, and they'll make the argument, “Oh, but it's subsidizing your healthcare and whatever fucking... The same arguments they make for why they haven't let go of their prohibition-era treatment of alcohol. They'll just do the same thing. That's part of the joys of living in a socialist country. 

For me, I just want it to be legal enough that my personal-op wouldn't be illegal. That's all I want, but they don't want that. Even now, if you want to grow, you have to get a license, and you can only be licensed to sell to certain people. Like with alcohol, I’m a farmer, and I want to buy a whiskey still and start making whiskey. For me to get the still, I have to get my distilling license, and the distilling license paperwork says that I have to agree to only sell it to the government. 

Al-P: Here's to legalization. 

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