RE/MX: Eclectic Method

No Collusion Remix

Trump's fumbling attempts to tap dance around the collusion claims really deserved a soundtrack. Eclectic Method was happy to oblige. 

John Vanderslice - "I'll Wait for You"

Lily Allen (Feat. Giggs) - "Trigger Bang"

deadmau5 MasterClass Remix

Hot Ones Hot Sauce Hot Mix

Gordon Ramsay Get My Chives Out Remix

Zombies Attack!

Wonder Woman Remix

Lord of the Rings SFX Remix

Okja Remix

Cosby Condoms (with Jamie Foxx)

Clockwork Orange Song

Soulwax - Rolling Stones Remix

Noname - “Mary Jane Love”

Get LOUD w/ Slink Johnson Remix

Indiana Jones Sound Effects Remix