PRØHBD Cities | New York | Noah

Noah is a Brooklyn-based photographer and craftsman who makes handmade Domino tables.

Through several trips to the Dominican Republic, he was exposed to the culture of Dominoes and began playing the game himself. It was during one such journey to the Caribbean island that he started to think about putting his own images on Domino tables.  

As a photographer, he views the Domino table as a blank canvas, and he began to imagine his photographs as the centerpiece for the game to unfold. He started to put his double-exposure photographs onto the tables, which ultimately led to his company Bien Conectao.

Noah has gone on to craft his signature Domino art for people all over New York and the world. He has found that Instagram has helped him connect with others who love the game of Dominoes as well as hangable fine art.


Find Noah on Instagram at @bien_conectao_nyc.

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