Our 17 Favorite Things About Donald Trump

By David Jenison on April 5, 2017

Confederate flag-waving pseudo patriots and PBR-infused illiterates might have different faves, but a Trump Administration allows us to enjoy such nicknames as the White Kanye, Twitler, Hair Fuhrer, the Mango Mussolini, Fuckface von Clownstick, Prima Donald and Vanilla Isis. Better yet, Urban Dictionary got to redefine the word “Trump” as "to shit out of your mouth" and "a highly aged and concentrated form of Santorum." There’s also the pee video, the wife who wants to live in a different state and the sons who make Uday and Qusay Hussein seem cool. Nevertheless, our favorite things about the Cheeto-in-Chief has to be the artwork. Herr Nilsson, NAFIR, Herakut, Ron English, Jacques Tilly and other amazing artists stepped up their game crafting paintings, street art and sculptures that brilliantly capture the national zeitgeist. Our favorite things about Trump are these 17 works of art. 

Main Trump image: Flickr.

Flobots - “Pray” (Extended)

Eric Yahnker Wants to Make Art Great Again

German Street Artists HERAKUT Go All Wrong

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What's Cracking? Your Bong

Baby Driver Remix

Cannabis-Causes-Violence Study Reeks of BS

Willie the Hog: A True Gentleman Smuggler

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