Outpost LA Market Debuts in DTLA

By Janelle Lassalle on June 3, 2019

Summer is on our heels, and with it comes the promise of three glorious months of events to fill it with. Which begs the quintessential question: What’s the best way to spend your summer days?

LA-based media services company Outpost Trade has a few thoughts on that. Born from the desire to take the traditional “antiquated trade show model” and flip it on its head, Outpost prides itself on discovering new ways for consumers to experience brands and their products.

Outpost’s latest efforts are centered around bringing a new kind of experiential marketing to the City of Angels. The event? Their new 2019 Outpost LA Market. Dubbed as “a celebration of curated conversations, experiences and products for a community of forward thinkers,” it’s a topsy turvy fusion of an outdoor market, networking event and influencer-led product rich demo sesh.

“We were tired of venturing into stale warehouse environments which consistently felt underwhelming," says Eric Bach, COO of Outpost. “We wanted to make it about real experiences with real products in beautiful settings.”

The inaugural market kicks off this Saturday (June 1) at Rolling Greens, a 24,000-sq-ft vintage chic outdoor event space in the downtown Arts District. Visitors can expect a visually dazzling space filled with everything from sprawling plant installations to a greenhouse and trellised deck. This immersive environment is then filled with a wide array of product demos, panels and workshops, giving guests the chance to experience curated products in a hands-on manner while learning, networking, eating and getting down to some funky tunes.

“Los Angeles is definitely having a moment, and we love how diverse the creative community is here,” continues Bach. “We wanted to be able to highlight that, and focus on what makes the LA lifestyle so great.”

The event list, too, reveals a close attention to detail across several experiential marketing applications. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn new skills and creatively interact with brands in workshops such as MacGyver-ing a Pipe with Old Pal. You’ll also find talks and panels like the How to Build a Cannabis Brand and How to Actually Create An Impact. Those seeking food and drink will be delighted to revel in a wide scope of fun activities like a natural wine-guided happy hour, mezcal tasting and kombucha making. Others can opt to bask in the sweet sounds of music thanks to live performances by Neon Indian, Porches, Ana Roxanne and more.

“We work intimately with each brand to develop really meaningful experiences onsite,” says Bach. “We try to develop events that we would want to attend and always look at each experience through that lens.”

Outpost LA’s new market is a whimsical celebration devoted to pursuing all the hedonistic pleasure that can be found in clever experiential marketing. It’s a welcome new trend in experiential marketing that we can definitely see ourselves warming up to… especially after a few drinks of mezcal, of course.

Can’t wait to go? Click here to get your hands on free tickets. This is a 21+ event.

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