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The PAX 2 vaporizer sets the standard for advanced technology and luxury style. With a design seemingly crafted in the top Apple labs, the vaporizer is easy to use (simply fill, power and inhale), yet the state-of-the-art construction and mechanics work together flawlessly to deliver exceptional draws. Adding to the fun, consumers can even spin the device to make it go into Party Mode! The vaporizer comes with a USB charger and cleaning supplies, and the minimalistic packaging can double as strong and sturdy storage for the unit or its accessories.

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The outer casing features brushed anodized aluminum for enhanced durability, color retention and heat absorption. Adding to the visual charms, the PAX 2 comes in vibrant color finishes that include charcoal black, topaz aqua, flare red and platinum silver.



The PAX 2 enjoys a streamlined design and slim profile that exudes a sense of sophistication and refinement. Complementing the design are small elegant touches that include the use of powerful neodymium magnets to hold the oven lid in place and an integrated LED indicator that clearly communicates battery life and heat levels. As an extension of the sophisticated design, the charging cradle is equally elegant and adds style to any room or office.




Improving upon the highly regarded original, the PAX 2 is more powerful with a deeper oven that provides consistent heat throughout the stainless steel chamber. Likewise, the vaporizer comes with two different silicone mouthpieces that both feature ergonomic design and lip-sensing technology that optimizes the draw and ensures the mouthpiece never becomes too hot.  


In addition to being more powerful, the PAX 2 is also more power efficient. The redesign includes an upgraded high-capacity battery that consumers power up in the magnetic charging cradle, and the intelligent heating and cooling systems help maximize optimal efficiency. The unit has four different temperature settings available to vaporize different products at their ideal heat levels.




The PAX 2 features a 10-year warranty, and PAX Labs will assist with repairs even if bought elsewhere. Likewise, if the unit must be sent back for repairs, PAX Labs will pay for shipping both ways, and the experienced service team will make the repairs as quickly as possible. The PAX website provides basic information on troubleshooting, and additional support is available via chat, email and social media.

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We recommend the PAX 2 for its advanced technology, classic design and easy-to-use functionality. This is a quality investment for high-end consumers seeking optimal draws and a look so elegant that it might never go out of style.


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