Pentagon, Line One!

Pentagon, Line One!


Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier famously released in a prisoner exchange in Afghanistan and later accused of desertion, is back in the news. While still awaiting court martial, the active-duty soldier got caught up in a raid this week at an illicit Mendocino cannabis farm. Bergdahl, who was visiting friends at the farm, is not accused of taking part in illegal activity. However, calls were made to the Pentagon, and he was eventually turned over to a military escort.


Sandra Bland smoked cannabis, and according to the local Assistant District Attorney, the plant might have played a role in her apparent suicide. The police pulled Bland over two weeks ago for failing to signal a lane change in a neighborhood outside Houston, and the incident led to her arrest for reportedly assaulting an officer. Three days later, she was found hanging in her cell. Her death incited anger and suspicion nationwide—another black life taken while in the hands of police custody. The autopsy supposedly confirms a suicide, without foul play, but skeptics remain skeptical after the prosecutor suggested the reefer in her system might have contributed to her apparent madness.


Last November, Bill de Blasio said the NYPD would stop arresting people caught with 25 grams or less of cannabis, and it appears the good mayor kept his word. The latest data shows that the arrest rate from October 2014 to June 2015 was nearly cut in half compared to the same time period the year previous. The number of summonses did increase, but even after factoring them in, the rate still dropped by nearly a third. Still, as noted by Donna Lieberman of the Civil Liberties Union, the arrest rate is still four or five times higher than it was in the 1990s.


The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition is coming to the Los Angeles Convention Center from September 16-18. The three-day trade show will cover the latest cannabis information, tools, resources and recommendations in the fields of medicine, law, business and product development.








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