Pimp My Grow Pimp My Grow

A New reality series from BReal, DNA Genetics and PRØHBTD.

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"I've seen a ton of good and bad growers and grows in this space. Nothing compares to the work that the DNA guys do. They will literally pimp out some grows. This is going to be unreal and unprecedented."


The Show

Over the course of 7 episodes, our intrepid hosts will travel to visit growers all around the country and literally pimp their grows from amateurs to industrial sized indoor operations.

Our hosts are bringing along some of their favorite products to help pimp each grow that cover lighting, fertilizer, soil, harvesting, storage, irrigation, mobile apps and more. If you think DNA and Breal should consider your product or service then get in touch at whatsgood@prohbtd.com

The series will initially be distributed on the following platforms to millions of viewers and then syndicated globally.

Apple TV
Android TV
Thanks to our sponsors: Spectrum King, Integra Boost


Whether you're growing under your kitchen sink or with a 100,000 square foot operation we're here to help. Just enter your location, email and a reason why we should consider you. Any links to photos or video are helpful.

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With his work in the pioneering hip-hop group Cypress Hill, rapper B Real became something of a hip-hop legend for several reasons. Most immediately, his trademark rhyming style, featuring an exaggeratedly nasal whine and a jazz singer's skill at staying just behind DJ Muggs' already sluggish beats, was one of the most instantly recognizable flows of the 1990s. Furthermore, B Real and his partners Sen Dog and DJ Muggs were the first Latino hip-hop stars, ushering in a richly varied subgenre of hip-hop that thrives to this day. Finally, Cypress Hill's fervent proselytizing on the subject of marijuana legalization both brought the subject to its highest public awareness since the days of Cheech & Chong and paved the way for a generation of weed-happy middle-class high-school kids to discover and identify with hip-hop to an even greater degree than before.

DNA Genetics founders Don and Aaron have won over 150 awards for their contributions to the cannabis industry throughout the world.

DNA has won the illustrious High Times ‘Top 10 Strain of the Year’ award more than five times, is the only seed company to have received every award presented at the High Times Cannabis Cup events and was inducted into the High Times Seedbank Hall of Fame in 2009.

PRØHBTD MEDIA provides world-class video production, digital marketing and branding solutions for more than 50 brand partners in the cannabis industry. As the leading content studio, PRØHBTD also produces original video and editorial with multi-platform distribution across the PRØHBTD Media Network, which includes prohbtd.com, AppleTV, Amazon Prime, Roku, Metacafe, Dailymotion and more reaching 100+ million monthly consumers and business owners.