Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Brandin LaShea Feat. Anastasia Baranova

"Do you know your way around a knife because you slay zombies for a living?" asks host Brandin LaShea in a phrase never before uttered on a culinary show. But that's what happens when Z Nation star and bona fide zombie slayer Anastasia Baranova visits the Pot Pie kitchen to cook and vape. 

As per usual, the guest arrives with all the ingredients for her favorite dish, and LaShea has 60 minutes to figure out what dish she has in mind to execute it. Baranova, however, threw the chef a curveball by bringing the ingredients for two dishes: mac 'n' cheese and a Russian meat dish called kotlety

"Even though mac 'n' cheese has literally zero to do with Russian meat patties," Baranova laughs, "I said, 'Let's make the two together!'"

In between chopping onions and drinking pickle juice (yes, really), the duo takes sweet pulls from a premium Headwaters vape featuring equal parts THC and CBD grown entirely without pesticides. The vape might not help the chef figure out what a kotlety is, but it does help inspire some classic banter. That would include claiming "cheese is the glue that holds my life together," discussing how to grow weed in zombie corpses and dropping the type of painful puns that somehow seem hilarious while high. 

Headwaters clearly needs to corner the market on zombie-grown Z Weed, but in the meantime, enjoy this epically stoned episode of Pot Pie

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