Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Brandin LaShea Feat. Jerry Purpdrank

Jerry Purpdrank's take on "SpongeBob in the Hood" represents the type of clips that turned him into a Vine superstar, and the actor-rapper-comedian is now a viral sensation across all the social media platforms. The man with the lean-inspired name also has some culinary chops, and he brings all these talents to the Pot Pie kitchen. 

Purpdrank arrives with the ingredients for a sweet potato cauliflower curry, and host Brandin LaShea now has 60 minutes to figure out what dish he has in mind and to execute it. The chef puts Purpdrank to work cutting and peeling as he recounts tales of his first high and his favorite stoned encounter with a police officer. Knowing what they say about all work and no play, LaShea breaks out some Heavy Grass pre-rolls to keep the kitchen loud. 

"You've got an eighth right there ready to go, pre-rolled," says LaShea of the Heavy Grass joints. "You don't have any work to do. Just take it out, puff it and get high." 

So do cannabis and curry make for a nice pairing? Well, it did inspire an appearance from Ron Weasley. Find out if that's a good thing by lighting up your own joint and enjoying the latest Pot Pie

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