Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Brandin LaShea Feat. Jess VerSteeg

CEO and founder of Paragon (and 2014 Miss Iowa) Jess VerSteeg joins Brandin LaShea on Pot Pie to make a simple, healthy snack: organic veggie quesadillas. “I eat kinda unhealthy,” Jess jokes, “But it’s organic. Like if it’s cookies, it’s organic. You know? It makes you feel better.”

Brandin and Jess take sips from a couple of Mood33 infused sparkling tonics in preparation for some labor-intensive avocado mashing. “I think I might open my own restaurant now,” says a guacamole-making Jess. As the two chop up vegetables, Jess tells Brandin about the origins of her cannabis blockchain company and how a cannabis subscription service led to the opening of the cannabis co-working office ParagonSpace.

“Isn’t it funny, when you’re high, how much more of a catastrophe everything turns out to be?” Brandin asks before Jess tries not to grate plastic wrap into a bowl along with the cheese. Disaster is largely averted, and the two sit down for a heady, vitamin-filled meal that you can easily whip up at home.

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