Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Brandin LaShea Feat. Rob Fee

Pot Pie director and comedian Rob Fee is in the kitchen with Brandin LaShea filling in for a guest who ghosted and left behind a bag of mystery ingredients. “She’s a DJ,” Rob says, “I’m assuming it’s molly, glowsticks and a Deadmau5 outfit—is it Deadmaus, or Deadmau? I don’t care.”

The contents of the bag confound the pair, and they decide to take a break and think about what to make while drinking some Mood33 infused sparkling tonics. “I’m not as aggro as I would be because I’m sippin’ on a calm drink,” Brandin tells Rob. 

Our intrepid host decides to put together a ciabatta open-faced breakfast sandwich with smoked salmon.

She commiserates with Rob about how kids just curse too much these days, while the director does his best at sous chef duties—not bad, considering he thinks avocado pits are called “walnuts.”

“I love that you’re trusting me to cut everything,” admits Rob before telling Brandin about how he got into comedy and directing. The two plate their creation and enjoy the sandwiches with some more Mood33 drinks.

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