Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Brandin LaShea Feat. Simon Gibson

In this episode of Pot Pie, host Brandin LaShea welcomes comedian Simon Gibson and his blue bag of surprise “stuff” he grabbed at Vons the night before taping. “Honestly,” he says as he pulls out some hummus, “I was hammered last night.” 

After chugging a bottle of Mood33’s THC- and CBD-infused sparkling tonics, Brandin and Simon are ready to whip together this mystery meal. “I think in my mind I had some vision of a cold noodle salad,” Simon explains before sharing his hotter-than-cold-noodles takes on fast food. (I’m with you, man—In-N-Out is not good. Sorry not sorry.)

Simon decides he won’t chug another Mood33 drink before doing exactly that and then comparing the hummus-glazed cold noodles Brandin has plated and topped with green onions to "the new Avengers.” His drunken intuition, paired with Brandin’s finely honed culinary skills, definitely ends up not leading the pair astray as they demonstrate how to easily make a yummy dinner out of back-of-the-fridge ingredients.

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