Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Brandin LaShea Feat. Talisa Monet

Hummus and falafel are such ancient dishes that several cultures fight over claims to their origins. In fact, the age-old debate spilled over into popular music 60 years ago with "And We Have Falafel" and into the record books in the last decade with The Hummus Wars. Contrasting the divisive debate with a celebration of love and unity, chef Brandin LaShea invites her best friend, social-media influencer Talisa Monet, into the Pot Pie kitchen to vape cannabis and craft hummus-topped falafel bowls. 

Monet—who often works as LaShea's sous chef—is a beloved Millennial voice for healthy cooking and modern parenting, and she appreciates the dishes' profound nutritional value. Her love for all-natural wellness doesn't stop there, however, as she also praises the therapeutic value of Hempathy Therapy Cream, a popular CBD topical that she applies on-air to a sore shoulder needing relief. 

By combining these Mediterranean classics with the unifying force that is cannabis, all we are saying is give chickpeas a chance. 

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