Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Episode 4

“The time I rolled a joint on your ass” is not your typical kitchen speak, but the Pot Pie kitchen is anything but typical, especially when Mac and Joyya of 2 Girls 1 Bong pay a visit. The YouTube sensations join Chris Sayegh, a.k.a. The Herbal Chef, and bring ingredients for their favorite dish, to which the chef adds a secret ingredient of his own. Though he is not told their favorite dish, he guesses it immediately, but he is hard pressed to make it within the 60-minute time limit. Does he succeed? Who cares. The real question is which slasher film Joyya channels when she handles the meat cleaver. Find out in the latest episode of Pot Pie sponsored by Integra Boost.

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Sautéed Salmon

Freezer Cookies

Cannabis Tincture

Mango Cake

Mushroom Polenta

Collards and Bacon

Caramel Spread

Butter Infusion