Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Chris Sayegh Feat. Ophelia Chong and Cat Packer

Talk about hard-hitting dinner conversation! Chris Sayegh dives into cannabis legalization issues with Ophelia Chong of Stock Pot and Cat Packer, Campaign Coordinator for Californians for Responsible Marijuana Reform. As his guests discussed “the legalization, regulation and taxation” of cannabis, The Herbal Chef had to craft a sweet treat made with milk, heavy cream, apples, butter, vanilla, brown sugar and wonton wrappers. 

As with each episode, Sayegh did not know the ingredients beforehand, except for his own secret ingredient, a Middle Eastern spice called sumac. The Source, an extraction appliance by ExtractCraft, provided a major assist in the kitchen and demonstrated its multi-purpose functionality. Sayegh then lit up his pipe and prepared the dish he believed his guests wanted. Did The Herbal Chef make the right dish? Find out in the latest episode of Pot Pie. 

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