Pot Pie

Pot Pie | Episode 8

Pot Pie guests always bring their own ingredients, and the chef has to make a dish without knowing what the person had in mind. Sometimes this is more difficult than it sounds. In this case, rapper Derek Luh brought an eclectic mix of ingredients that included chicken, peanuts, cheese, Bisquick pancake mix, red curry paste, eggs and lime, among other ingredients. 

"I got an advanced palate," replies Luh.

"I'm stumped right now," the chef admits. 

As the chef attempts to make a dish from these diverse ingredients, Luh discusses the first time he got high, his infamous scuffle with security at Webster Hall in NYC and his "crazy journey" that "turned into something beautiful."

What did the chef make, and was it the dish the rapper had in mind? Watch the latest episode of Pot Pie to find out. 

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