RE/MX: High Fidelity

Princess Nokia - “Bart Simpson" & "Green Line”

To promote her sophomoric album—and maybe to show off her knack for consolidation—Princess Nokia has packed singles “Bart Simpson” and “Green Line” into one video. The first song reflects on childhood misbehavior and growing up, complete with classroom spitballs, teen crushes and gym class warfare. Princess Nokia rocks a Slipknot t-shirt and is picked last in dodgeball, a display of grade-school realness that most have probably lived through. Accuracy is, of course, muddled when you realize that Princess Nokia rocks a concerning number of tattoos for a high school freshman, even in New York. The second track features fish-eye visuals and an appearance from Nokia in a giant vintage Knicks jacket. You won’t want to miss it either.

Photo credit: Alberto Vargas. 

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