Professor X Uses Medical Cannabis

March 20, 2017

Sir Patrick Stewart will portray Charles Xavier for probably the last time in the Wolverine film LOGAN, but the 76-year-old actor made an interesting comment while doing press for the new movie. Stewart, who plays X-Men founder Professor X, admitted to using medical cannabis. 

"My main problem is my hands don't work very well," he told British Esquire. "But thanks to cannabis they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it's just a spray that I put on."

Stewart is not the only person who benefits from cannabis-based arthritis treatment, and several clinical studies confirm its potential efficacy. 

In 2009, the Journal of Opioid Management wrote, "Cannabis contains more than 100 different cannabinoids and has the capacity for analgesia through neuromodulation in ascending and descending pain pathways, neuroprotection, and anti-inflammatory mechanisms," while Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2000 found that the cannabis compound "CBD, through its combined immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory actions, has a potent anti-arthritic effect." 

Moreover, the Rheumatology journal surveyed 3,000 Brits and noted the following in 2006: "784 (26%) stated that they had ‘arthritis’... [and] 155 respondents stated that they continued to use illicit cannabis for the purpose of symptom relief.... Respondents were asked to indicate how their condition was affected by the use of cannabis. Of those patients with arthritis who responded to this question, 172 stated that it made them ‘much better,’ 53 stated that it made them ‘a little better’ and five stated that it ‘made no difference.’ None of the patients indicated that their arthritis was worsened by the use of cannabis."

As is so often the case, Professor X knows what's up. 

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