PRØHBTD Cities | Austin | Brandon Boyd of Incubus

Brandon Boyd fronts the Grammy-nominated band Incubus, but when he's not making music, the Los Angeles native expresses his creativity through the visual arts. PRØHBTD Cities joined Boyd in Austin, Texas, where he had a recent gallery exhibit. The singer-artist talked about focusing on the process, not the end goal, while noting similarities in the process for his different forms of creative expression. 

"There really isn't a right way to do [art]," says Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd. "It's really up to the artist to explore the space and see what he or she is going to do with it." 

Boyd, who cited cannabis as a potential tool for making art, recently regrouped with Incubus to record 8, the band's eighth full-length album and its first since 2011's If Not Now, When? The new album—co-produced and mixed by Skrillex—features the lead single "Nimble Bastard."

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