PRØHBTD Cities | Los Angeles | Dirty South

What can go wrong when a Long Island drug dealer messes with the wrong guy? Dirty South answers that question in his upcoming feature film Suburban Cowboy, which premiered this weekend at the Austin Film Festival. In the latest installment of PRØHBTD Cities, the Balkans-born, Aussie-raised DJ gives an inside look at his Los Angeles-based recording studio as he discusses co-directing the film, composing the score, moving to California and making music.

“The soundtrack is very different than the normal Dirty South stuff,” he says of Suburban Cowboy. “It's a lot more aggressive and minimal and distorted. Imagine techno music, but stripped back, and it's a lot of atmospheric and distorted bass lines. It's helps you understand that the character is going through some crazy stuff.”

In addition to the movie, the Grammy-nominated DJ is gearing up to release his third studio album. In anticipation, he plans to release singles all year long. His latest, “All of Us,” dropped last month.


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