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PRØHBTD Premiere: Locos por Juana ft. Common Kings - "Crazy for Jane"

Locos por Juana will release its new single "Crazy for Jane" this Friday, and the Miami-based group partnered with PRØHBTD to debut the music video. The uptempo track, which features SoCal reggae act Common Kings, is a celebration of their favorite prohibited plant. 

"We created the song, 'Crazy for Jane,' to honor our muse Jane," says guitarist Mark Kondrat, making an obvious reference to the slang term Mary Jane. "She is that mystical force that continually inspires us to make music."

Locos por Juana fuses reggae, cumbia, salsa and funk for an island swing sound that reflects their Colombian heritage. The Grammy- and Latin Grammy-nominated band, which the BBC called the Best Latin Rock Band in the U.S., released its sixth studio album, Caribe, in October 2016 and a remix EP in 2017. Past singles include "Mueve, Mueve," "For the Ladies" (with Talib Kweli) and "Se Fue La Luz." 

"Crazy for Jane" is the title track for their new full-length album arriving in time for high summer vibes. 

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