RE/MX: Eclectic Method

PRØHBTD x Eclectic Method: The Cannabis Video Mixtape

PRØHBTD partnered with Eclectic Method, the world's premiere video remix artist, to create the first-ever cannabis video mixtape. The 30-minute mix features clips from films, television, videos and original PRØHBTD shows like Edibles with Birdie, Modern Grower and GET Loud! w/Slink Johnson. Eclectic Method, who has his own RE/MX channel on PRØHBTD, is a video remix icon featured in his own Apple-produced documentary, and he is leading the way as a video-remix pioneer in the cannabis space. This mixtape is, without a doubt, the perfect video soundtrack for your 420 parties!  

Bill & Ted Remix


Aquaman Remix

Eclectic Method - "Pot Corn Cake"

With the Bass

Infinity War Remix

Eclectic Method - "Extreme Weather Report"

Eclectic Method - "Superhero Fightclub"

The Needle Drop Remix

Eclectic Method - Inception Remix

Reject The Propaganda - Eclectic Method and Artist Taxi Driver

Minions Mix

The Story of Forbidden Taste

Perfect Giddimani's "I Smoked a Spliff"

Busy Signal - "Hot Spliff"