RE/MX: High Fidelity

RAY BLK - "Run Run"

Highlighting the grimness and despair of youth culture in her community, Nigeria-born Britain-based Ray BLK makes bold statements on police brutality and the upsurge of violent crime in London, the host of at least 51 recorded fatal stabbings so far this year. Directed by Tom Green (no, not that Tom Green), the visual that accompanies the track is raw and uncomfortable, but never dishonest.

About the track, Ray says, “I wrote it about what was happening in my life. My house was actually robbed, and I had seen a gun for the first time at a party. And those are quite common incidents where I’m from. I wanted to reach out to people who feel like the issue doesn’t concern them. I wanted people to see that this isn’t just numbers of people dying on the news, these are real children… I wrote the song as a reminder to everyone listening, not to become a product of their environment. They have the choice to better themselves and rise above their struggles. Ultimately, I want my fans to know that there’s a big world out there with many opportunities and to believe in themselves.”

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