For those of you who spend hours racking your brains as to why that glorious, glazed hoop of deep-fried pastry commonly referred to as the “doughnut” just never seems to get the recognition it deserves, we have some good news for you. November 5 is National Doughnut Day! 

Actually, so is June 5, but would just one holiday that pays homage to fried dough (and to the women who ingeniously used battle helmets to fry said dough during WWI) really have been enough? Right. Didn’t think so. So cut out all that frustrated brain racking, dough petitioning and nut shilling because the day has arrived at last for the doughnut to gets its due. 

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, this year’s National Doughnut Day(s) are particularly special. For the first (or second, but who’s counting) time in recorded history, National Doughnut Day will be celebrated by a United States of America in which CBD is kinda-sorta legal. If you’ve paid any attention to just how strong CBD’s singularity-level influence on gastronomic creativity has been of late, you already know what that means: Doughnut artisans from coast to coast will be pulling out all the stops to whip up the most delectably infused confections ever to be dipped in super heated oil.

Here at PRØHBTD, we care deeply about doughnuts, and we care deeply about your wellness. While on any other day those may seem like mutually exclusive interests, today, with the help of a little cannabidiol (CBD) and a little creativity, we can all have our fried cake and eat it, too. Here are five of the most artfully crafted CBD-infused doughnuts that our dedicated team of doughnut sleuths were able to ID before the festivities began. Enjoy.  

Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken
Santa Monica, California

The fry-masters at Astro Doughnuts & Fried Chicken have cooked up a CBD-infused dessert, balancing the scales of culinary decadency with holistic wellness. Astro’s is now offering its Chocolate Birthday Cake Doughnut topped with CBD-infused chocolate buttercream frosting. With 60mg of CBD loaded into such a delicious package, these chocolate wheels of chillness are the embodiment of California cool. 

Blue Star Donuts
Portland, Oregon

Perched in greasy glory at the intersection of creaminess, nuttiness and medicinal relaxation sits the CBD Chocolate Hazelnut Custard doughnut from Portland’s Blue Star Donuts. Sporting an 18-hour brioche, Valrhona dark chocolate custard, Oregon Hazelnut extract and 10mg of CBD from locally grown hemp, what more could you possibly want out of a doughnut? These puppies are available at all Blue Star Donuts locations in Portland except at the one where you probably need it most, Portland International Airport (PDX). Photo courtesy of Blue Star Donuts. 

Glazed & Confused
Denver, Colorado

Considering the name, it would be nothing short of a tragically missed opportunity if Denver doughnut shop Glazed & Confused didn’t offer its customers at least one cannabis-infused ring of fried dough. Luckily, their seasonal White Chocolate Coconut CBD doughnuts are both satisfyingly on brand and delicious. Boasting 25mg of CBD isolate while keeping with the Hawaiian vibe that owner Josh Schwab sprinkles on his confections, these doughnuts bring a tropical flair to the Mile High City.

Tampa, Florida

Dough, the sister bakeshop of the highly popular Tampa restaurant Datz, recently added a pair of CBD-infused doughnuts to their inventive menu of desserts, and both sound worthy of a pilgrimage down to the Sunshine State. Imagine yourself with Dough’s Matcha Honeycomb doughnut in one hand and their Goji Berry Coconut doughnut in the other. Both pastries are covered in vanilla fondant icing and topped with honeycomb and freeze dried goji berries, respectively. It’s hard to imagine a sweeter and more laid back take on double fisting than that. Photo credit: DatzRestaurantGroup/Wikimedia

Habit Donut Dispensary
Denver, Colorado

CBD may be known for its medicinal properties, but it’s unclear if the cannabinoid has ever been delivered via a syringe before—no, not directly into a person’s body, but into a doughnut. With their CBD-injected robot doughnuts, Denver’s Habit Donut Dispensary really outdid themselves on the creativity factor with their foray into the world of medicinal pastries. Let’s repeat that, shall we? CBD-injected robot doughnuts. First prepared by human hands, Habit’s doughnuts are baked by a robot and then either slathered in CBD butter or poked with a small CBD-filled syringe, CBD cold brew, or, for those not looking for a cannabis-pricked dessert, alcohol. What a wild world we live in. 

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