The beauty industry was historically synonymous with synthetic ingredients and a shallow definition of beauty, but with increasing frequency, this is being disrupted by more inclusive direct-to-consumer brands. Evolved consumer preferences present a massive opportunity for brands to offer natural, mission-driven product alternatives. Casey Georgeson, the CEO and Founder of Saint Jane, is one such business pioneer who is redefining the CBD-infused beauty space. Casey leveraged years of mainstream industry experience to launch Saint Jane, a cosmetics line infused with cannabidiol (CBD) that Georgeson describes as “soulful and special, with potent, benefits-driven formulas.”

Saint Jane doesn’t just capitalize on the CBD cosmetics trend; they redefine it by offering beautifully packaged products infused with exotic, functional botanicals. Saint Jane offers a line of CBD-infused face oil, body oil and lip glosses featuring formulations that rely on active ingredients like rosehip seed extract, chamomile extract and pomegranate seed oil combined with CBD to create, in Casey’s own words, “an amazing multi-tasking product.” PRØHBTD spoke with Casey to learn more about the future of the beauty industry and cannabinoids.

What is one lesson learned from your background that you believe sets you apart when launching Saint Jane? 

One lesson I’ve repeatedly learned is to know your audience and never underestimate the power of storytelling. When I started my career as a producer for CNN, I quickly learned that you’ve only got a few seconds to capture your audience, and passing the “blink test” is essential. I carried that approach with me in the wine industry where I created brands like Cupcake Vineyards and Ava Grace, and again at Sephora, developing beauty brands like Marc Jacobs and Kat von D. Saint Jane is the same. When we launched, I knew exactly who my audience was, and that’s ultimately what will lead us in the right direction. 

Why did you want to build this brand? What is your mission and how is it manifested?

Saint Jane is by far the clearest idea I’ve ever had for a brand, and I think it’s because it’s very reflective of who I am and what inspires me. It’s soulful and special, with potent, benefits-driven formulas. On a personal level, the brand represents the most challenging and rewarding project I’ve done in my career to date. On a general, overarching level, Saint Jane represents strong, independent women who are confident in who they are and who take the time to celebrate that. Our namesake was a healer of women in the 1500s. 

Saint Jane Luxury Body Serum contains CBD as well as 28 other botanicals. Drawing from the general beauty and health industry, what mainstream beauty ingredients included in Saint Jane should we know about? 

Each of our formulas is thoughtfully crafted with sustainably sourced ingredients to promote CBD’s properties of calming and balancing the skin. Sunflower oil, for instance, is a potent, nourishing botanical used in NICUs to protect the fragile skin of premature babies. Grapeseed oil, another ingredient in both our Luxury Beauty Serum and Luxury Body Serum, is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and omegas. Helichrysum is also called immortelle because it’s been used to heal problematic skin conditions. Lastly, our rose oil is sourced from Bulgaria’s Valley of the Roses by women who have cultivated the roses there for centuries. It was also used by Cleopatra to soften her complexion. She also used hemp extract for her under eye circles. 

Tell us about the Luxury Body Serum and the process that was used to create this product? 

Luxury Body Serum was an essential addition to our collection because so many clients were using the Luxury Beauty Serum on their bodies to ease skin issues. Myself included! I wanted to create a rich, deeply nourishing serum for areas of the body that needed extra TLC, like the arms, chest, elbows, stretch marks. It was important to formulate it with nutrients beautiful enough for the face. I started with Full Spectrum CBD and chose ingredients that enhance its restorative and nourishing properties. It was the balance between Italian citrus, bourbon vanilla and the potent CBD that we fell in love with almost immediately. We then curated ingredients to enhance full spectrum CBD for deep skin wellness and relief from achy muscles, grapeseed for deep absorption and rose oil for silky soft skin. The high concentrations of CBD help relieve tension, and exfoliating fruit acids like lemon peel and pink grapefruit brighten and balance the skin.

How have you tested the effectiveness on specific ailments? 

CBD is a molecule most known for balancing inflammation, so it’s particularly helpful for relieving achy muscles as well as reducing symptoms associated with skin conditions. What we’re hearing from our clients is amazing. We had one client reach out to us saying that she was born with severe redness, and after two weeks of using our Luxury Beauty Serum, she’s seen the redness she thought would never go away almost completely disappear. Another beauty editor wrote about us, saying that she has a painful auto-immune condition called Netherton syndrome, and after trying literally everything, our Luxury Beauty Serum was the one product that helped bring her skin back.

In your own words, how does your body serum fit into a beauty or wellness routine?

It’s an amazing multi-tasking product. You can use it as a spot treatment for skin irritations, as an all-over glow-inducing body treatment post-shower, and my favorite way is a few drops in the bath for a calming and therapeutic treatment, which is fantastic post-workout or after a long stressful day.

Tell us about your choice to use full spectrum oil. What is the difference, and where are you sourcing the oil? 

Full spectrum CBD means you’re using the entire cannabis plant, which is why it’s also often called whole plant CBD. We use high concentrations of full spectrum [cannabinoids] because we believe in something called “the entourage effect,” where the calming benefits of CBD are amplified by all the other amazing cannabinoids and nutrient-dense terpenes in the plant. Broad-spectrum CBD—where the tiny amount of THC is removed from the oil—and isolate CBD, which just extracts the cannabidiol from the plant, don’t have this effect. Also, our CBD is sustainably sourced from the U.S.

Are there other key ingredients or quality benchmarks you’d like to elaborate on? Specifically, what is the source of omegas in your serum and wellness benefits?

Every Saint Jane product is incredibly clean, and we test it four times more than the industry standard. Transparency and education are important quality benchmarks for the brand, and we work diligently to ensure that both are readily available. Omegas are found in a variety of our ingredients, including avocado seed oil and sunflower oil. The wellness benefits are derived from our unique formulas that pair potent CBD with nutrient-rich botanicals to deliver high-powered results. 

Given the FDA’s ambiguous regulation on CBD products, what is your strategy for expansion?

We are a CBD brand and CBD is at the core of everything we do. As we expand, we will continue to create products that thoughtfully pair CBD with other natural ingredients for overall skin and health wellness. I remain hopeful that the FDA will put some guidelines and regulations in place soon, but until that happens, we will continue to make products with best-in-class ingredients and continue to be transparent in our sourcing and testing for efficacy.

Clearly you believe in the future of cosmetic cannabis. What future product trends do you anticipate next?  

We are just at the beginning of understanding the cannabis plant and its many beneficial properties. I anticipate that we will see other cannabinoids like CBN, which has shown promise as a sleep aid, and CBC, which has been shown to inhibit acne, be responsibly introduced into beauty and wellness products.

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