Dorothy Circus Gallery will premiere its latest exhibit, House of the Rising Light, next week at its galleries in London and Rome. The group show exclusively features artists from the Asian continent, including past PRØHBTD interviewees like Junko Mizuno (Japan), Andrew Hem (Cambodia) and Kazuki Takamatsu (Japan) and faves like Qimmy Shimmy (Singapore), Ziqian Liu (China), Mayuka Yamamoto (Japan), Afarin Sajedi (Iran) and Leegan Koo (South Korea). 

House of the Rising Light is part of the gallery’s 2020 program, Mirrored Souls: The Year of Love, aimed at promoting love and inclusion through the arts. Considering how fucked 2020 has been so far, the theme is particularly relevant in hard-hit Italy. 

“Rome has never seen an event like this in terms of diversity on a stylistic and thematic level, and we hope to convey a message of inclusion and acceptance for Asian people, who are currently facing harsh prejudices and mistreatments because of the origins of COVID-19,” wrote the gallery in a press release. “In short, we aim to support Asian art to the best of our abilities, especially in these difficult times.”

The selection of participating artists showcases the shared cultural roots stretching across the Asian continent, but many pieces also highlight the influence of Western art (e.g., French Surrealism, Italian Renaissance, German Expressionism) on modern Asian works. The styles presented in House of the Rising Light include street art, new figurative and pop surrealism, among others. 

The dual exhibit debuts on July 30 and runs through September 18. 

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