Sometimes we learn something from our readers. For example, a reader from California informed us that god came down to the My Pillow Guy during a crack bender and gave him the design for his patented pillows. Or at least that’s how the Christian pillow hawker tells the story. 

Luckily, people now have a better way to find inspiration while catching zzz’s on coke.  

Aussie artist Ben Frost famously paints on product packaging, and he’s taken some of his most iconic designs and put them on plush pillow cushions. Our personal favorite is Thumper sitting in a pee puddle jonzing for cocaine. Alternatively, those who prefer sex on X might opt for a pillow cover featuring Ren & Stimpy on a package of MDMA. And if Frost’s designs offend you, there’s always the Xanax cover to calm you the fuck down. 

The cushion cases come in five different designs over a premium velvet finish, and they sell for $95 AUD with trackable worldwide shipping. Are you currently pissed at the man in your life? Order now, and you can give him a Viagra caveman cushion for Father’s Day!

Want to learn more about Thumper bumper pillow cases? We certainly did! Here’s what Frost had to say.

The cocaine and MDMA cushion covers showcase illegal drugs. What do you think it says about a person who openly displays the cushions in their home?

Despite what you may think, these cushions are 100 percent legal. They are not filled with drugs, but you can buy them, sniff them and lick them as much as you please in the privacy of your own home… without any kind of psychoactive side effect. However, if you do dabble in the occasional use of recreational drugs, these plush and feather-filled creations will not only elevate your mood to brand new heights, but you can do it with some of your favorite, equally-as-wasted cartoon characters printed comfortingly on the velvet-like surface. Everybody ‘coming down’ needs something to hug and rub their face against, and in this crazy mixed up world that we live in, our relationship to Ren & Stimpy, Captain Caveman and Thumper is far more intimate and meaningful than the serious characters in the “real world.”

The 1984 cushion cover stands out because it’s the only one that does not feature a drug-related design. Why did the George Orwell classic make for the perfect exception?

All of the pillows are based on paintings I have made over the years, but the 1984 pillow seems appropriate as we inch closer and closer to an ever oppressive and totalitarian environment. What better way to cry yourself to sleep without healthcare, a job and under the ongoing campaign of government mass surveillance? Big Brother can sure make you sleepy.

What can you tell me about the quality of the fabric and printing? 

What I love about these cushions are the soft and sensual corduroy backing fabrics. Your fingers and face could literally melt into the MDMA pillow as you caress it for hours on your couch or shag-pile rug. The Cocaine cushion features crisp baby-blue corduroy sensations, with a “pure” white piping that makes a thin yet bold line all the way around the edges. The Viagra pillow is great to wake up to in the morning, or at any hour to be honest, and will definitely appeal to any inner caveman who needs that extra “pushin’ in the cushion.” The printing has a velvet-like finish that evokes synaesthesia. One swipe down against the fabric grain and you can almost smell the ink on your doctor’s prescription that is equal parts heaven and hell.

Have you heard of Mike Lindell, a.k.a. the My Pillow guy? He was a crack addict that says god visited him in his dreams with the design for his pillows. Any chance the idea for making cushions came to you while doing coke or MDMA? 

Pillow Guy. Yeah, I do remember that douchebag. He could be that Marvel superhero that everyone is desperately hoping for. Combining all the very worst parts of Walmart, Trump and Howard the Duck.  And oh yeah… cushions and crack.

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