PRØHBTD fave Herakut is a German art duo who create hyper-realistic paintings and murals rich in animal symbolism, poetic messaging and a genuine desire to elevate society. Made up of Jasmin Siddiqui (Hera) and Falk Lehmann (Akut), the artists took heat a few years ago for one painting in particular that portrayed Trump as a pig. Siddiqui, however, said the painting was actually not meant to be a personal attack on the president.

She explains, “Yeah, yeah, it was a really nasty painting. The Statue of Liberty is a girl with Trump like a pig on a leash, and it said, ‘When you accidentally ask Satan instead of Santa.’ We got a lot of comments on that piece, and not just good ones back then. I pointed out one person [in the painting], and that is usually what I don’t want. I would rather point out a mindset because that one person isn’t the problem. It’s the mindset that’s the problem. And that’s what we need to change.”

Hera photo credit: Lord Jim.

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