Pre-Rolls. You either love ’em, or you’re largely indifferent due to quality control concerns. For example, are they actually just a bunch of shakes disguised as premium joints, or are you actually getting the premium buds you’re paying $20/gram for? These questions and many others run through the minds of so many joint smokers while trying to decide on the brand of pre-rolls they want to consume.

Sailing through the sea of various cannabis brands touting different methods of growing and assortments of exotic strains, it can be difficult to navigate towards the brand that speaks to you while providing a consistent experience each and every time. The lifestyle of the brand is just as important as their smokeables, but when push comes to shove, the path to success starts with high-quality material.

Step up22Red.

Founded by musician and artistShavo Odadjian (best known for playing bass in the Grammy-winning band System of a Down), 22Red is a more than just a lifestyle and cannabis brand. It aims to honor the creative minds inside us with clothing, cannabis and other lifestyle products that stem from Shavo, the brand’s mastermind and architect. 22Red grew out of Shavo’s love for the plant, and the plants have a ton of love to give right back.

22Red pre-rolled joints are one gram of premium indoor flower nicely packed into a king-sized cone, adorned with a black filter tip patterned with the now iconic “22” in red. Housed in a child-resistant glass tube, the joint boasts a pungent smell that permeates the room upon cracking open the seal.

PRØHBTD specifically tried three pre-rolls, each with a different strain: 22 OG, Caramel Gelato and Mimosa 22. Each had its own compelling characteristics.

The OG is a classic OG Kush with the sweet, citrus, gassy smell and the true OG taste that has been a Southern California staple for years. The relaxing effects of this indica strain leave you with a cheerful, euphoric feeling that can often help alleviate pain and stress. The 22 OG is perfect for a night in listening to tunes or watching your favorite movie.

Moving on to the next pre-roll, the Caramel Gelato comes in a little sweeter than the traditional Gelato. This hybrid has hints of sweet citrus blended with an earthy aroma that reminds you of a delicious cookie. Derived from the famous Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC, this Gelato pheno gives you the best of the hybrids—relaxed, happy and uplifted without the couch lock—but it may be wise to keep a drink handy because dry mouth is certainly a side effect from this “perfect for all day” strain.

Finally, Mimosa 22 is a crazy cross between the fruity Purple Punch and the tangy Clementine, and both the smell and taste deliver notes of sweet orange and citrus. Before lighting up this pre-roll, take a breath through the joint to fire up the taste buds for all the flavor that’s about to come your way. Mimosa’s sativa side keeps you focused and uplifted while still delivering happy, relaxed feelings, which makes it a great daytime addition to your regular cannabis regimen.

If these three strains epitomize the whole brand, the 22Red pre-rolls are premium in both the flower they provide and the experiences they deliver. The joints are packed nicely and don’t loosen and become wobbly at the bottom near the filter, like some of the other pre-filled cones out there. Additionally, the packing allows them to burn nice and even so you won’t have to worry about the paper running (just make sure you light it evenly).

Overall, the passion that radiates from 22Red can be seen and felt across the board in all arenas they compete in, and knowing Shavo hand-selected these strains is another factor that makes 22Red stand out. It’s like getting the finest cut of meat from the butcher or the best produce from a farmer. In this case, it’s the dank that fuels the creative mind of Shavo and those who want to live the 22Red life.

You can find 22Red pre-rolls at many locations in California. Check 22Red’sInstagram for the latest on their drops.

Photos by Elena Kulikova.

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