Dabbing cannabis concentrates has become one of the most popular ways to consume over the last few years. From trim run butane hash oil to live resin, the types of cannabis concentrates available on the market are in no short supply. Some people like to use dab rigs with torches, others use e-nails that require a bulky power supply, and some even use atomizers on a dab pen. But those options all have various flaws. For example, rigs can be portable but require carrying a torch and butane at all times; e-nails are convenient but rely on needing power from an electrical outlet; and while dab pens are discreet and portable, they don’t give you the same huge hits you get from the rig.

Now if one could only use their own rig wherever they wanted and not have to worry about torches or power, we would all be living the dream, right? Luckily, the Big-E from HYER makes that dream come true. The Big-E is a portable base with rechargeable/replaceable batteries that provide power to a proprietary quartz e-nail. It can be used with 90 percent of the dab rigs out on the market that have a flat base, and it comes loaded with everything needed for an awesome sesh.

Upon opening the box, the base comes out with ease, and the first noticeable feature is the adjustable grip, which can be tightened and loosened with a knob on the side to ensure a snug fit. To charge the base, pull the USB adapter and cable out of the foam housing and don’t forget about the dab mat they have so thoughtfully included. The other part of the box contains the rest of the goods: a male and female banger, female glass adapter for 14mm to 18mm, quartz carb cap, replacement cables and the 30W removable ceramic heating element.

To get started, insert the heating element into the quartz banger that is best suited for the rig being used. A little spit or water around the o-rings helps it glide in, and giving it a solid push secures the connection between the element and banger. Connect the element to the base with the included cable and press and hold the power button for three seconds to turn on the device. Using the “plus” and “minus” buttons, adjust the temperature to the desired setting and wait for the green LED indicator to announce that it’s go time!

Considering most dabs need to get above 700°F to be fully activated, the Big-E wastes no time getting to work—in as little as a minute the temperature is reached. The included carb cap does a sound job and helps deliver milky clouds that have the full terpene profiles and allow the taste of the strain to come through. Mopping the oil up after each dab is a breeze with a Q-tip, and the element cools down quickly after each session.

As far as dab rigs go, the Big-E does the job in getting the banger hot enough, but goes further to ensure the experience is safe, fun and hassle free. Several modes are available on the Big-E, including a cleaning mode, beast mode (which really cranks the temperature up) and even a continuous mode that bypasses the auto shut off so you can keep dabbing for about two hours before needing to recharge. The design is smart, compact and pleasing to the eye. The soft silicone on the base provides traction and cushion for the glass, and the digital display and precise temperature control allows the user to make the most of his or her experience.

Overall, HYER has done a wonderful job of merging technology, sophistication and ease of use to create the Big-E, and it has transformed the way cannabis dabbers can consume without having to forfeit their favorite piece of glass. The well-appointed design, jam-packed features and evident build quality make this a must-have for on-the-go dabbers and tech-heads alike.

The Big-E is available here for $299.

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