Pop-up books might line the kiddie aisles in bookstores, but they originally helped teach science and eventually connected with pop art in the 1967 Andy Warhol book Index. A new book you won’t find in the kiddie aisle, however, combines art, education and paper engineering to create what might be the world’s first cannabis pop-up publication: Dimensional Cannabis. That distinction alone is notable, but the real headline is that graffiti and tattoo artist Mike Giant illustrated all the pages. 

For the uninitiated, Giant is a worldly art renegade who’s left his mark in various subcultures before they became mainstream. For example, the punk-loving artist designed graphics for Think Skateboards, co-founded REBEL8 streetwear, started Skullz Press, collaborated with artists like Shepard Fairey and brands like Vans, and tattooed in iconic shops stretching from NYC to San Francisco. He also spent time living around the world, including in Amsterdam, before moving to Colorado the year retail cannabis sales started.

What type of canvas did Giant have to work with on this project? Dimensional Cannabis features editorial curation by Sensi Magazine’s Leland Rucker and intricate pop-ups by a team of paper engineers (yes, that’s a real job title), and the educational nature of the book provided Giant with the opportunity to illustrate more than just pop-up cannabis leaves. For example, a paraphernalia spread includes a pop-up bong, edible, grinder, concentrate and bud, among other items, while a history spread entails everything from early humankind to Depression-era reefer madness. And yes, he illustrated George Washington smoking a joint. 

The standard edition of Dimensional Cannabis is available here and retails for $50, while a collector’s edition retails for $240 and a connoisseur edition for $420. The publisher Poposition Press currently has all three titles available on its website at a special price. 

Poposition Press also makes limited-edition pop-up books with artists like Junko Mizuno, whom PRØHBTD interviewed earlier this year. Her pop-up collaboration (featured in the image below) is titled Triad and features three characters from her visual universe (The Nurse, The Witch and The Wrestler) in five elaborate pop-up spreads. The standard edition of Triad is available here and retails for $50.

Upcoming book collaborations are set to include artists like SHAG, Sandra Chevrier, LISTER and Jim Mahfood, and for the truly twisted, Poposition is currently collaborating with sexually explicit artist Kristen Liu-Wong on Valentine’s cards. 

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